NY in 4K

I love watching youtube videos, especially travel channnels. This is the most bautiful video I've ever watched and I almost feel as if I were there! I can travel from the comfort of my home... www.youtube.com

世界ふれあい街歩き レーゲンスブルク ドイツ

www.youtube.com 日本とは教育の目的が全く違うように感じる。 だからか子どもたちの「学ぶ」ことに対する姿勢や意識も違って見える。 教育には大人たちの価値観、生き方が表れる。 子どもたちにはしっかりと伝わる。 恐ろしいくらいに。

Live Responsibly

I think the porpose of education system in Netherland is quite defferent from that in Japan... www.youtube.com

Best Song Now

Love this song. Suddenly I'm into One Ok Rock. They are awesome! www.youtube.com

Positive English

Her videos help me to understand how Americans(English speakers) think. We, Japanese people, are sometimes needed to say kinda negative words to be humble. While in English, we are allowed to express straight forward to our feelings and th…

Writing Class?

I didn't know American students usually took a Writing class because there were no writing classes in Japan! In a class, they can learn how to write interesting contents for their readers and improve their writing styles. I think it actual…


I do love this song that reminds me my teenage days. youtu.be

Sprouts are coming out!

Chamomiles will bloom in the garden! I can't wait!

Hard to adjust...

The wether here is very strange in this season. It felt like summer yesterday and it's cold like winter today. I still need a KOTATSU in May.

My fav♡

He is sleeping almost all day except when he is eating these days! My sister told her co-worker about him and then she said, "My cat, too!" lol The wether here in a while affects? Don't worry because he is fine, eats well, literally sleepi…

I love bear characters!

There are so many famous bear characters in the world. Pooh and Paddington come up in my mind at first, but Rilakuma as well! It is definitely lovely and sweet. I love it. BTW why bear characters are so popular in the world?..Especially in…

FFS T-shirts?

That's the way many Japanese students mispronounce.lol Those tv interview people at Narita were slightly confused by my top from @AbroadInJapan And both said "for fuck...SAKE?" in unison. Life made #forfucksake pic.twitter.com/SY9eC4Mg9E —…

How time flies!

I've lived here for 7 years. I'm always overthinking and hesitate to do what I want to or I should. But all I have to do is "just DO it" now. Because sometimes things might be quite simple, right? Anyway I admire my sister's hard work.

about this blog?

I changed not only the design but the name of this blog. I've named it "baked apples" before, because I just like apples. lol But actually it meaned nothing and I decided to change it to just my nickname when I was a child. I want to know …


Finally winter is over and spring has come! It was so cold in this winter and I felt like it was never-ending. I have only felt myself again a few days ago. Though it was very windy today, it was so spring, wasnt' it?

He is cool!

www.youtube.com He said that there were foods that had "the power" and I completely agree with him. I think it's not only nutritions but also something called "the power". I believe what you eat is one of the most important things in your …


It's so lovely..♡ www.jamieoliver.com


年中体調悪めなわたしですが、 季節の変わり目はとくに弱くて。 昨日からまたそんな感じ。 自称カラダヨワイデスカラ。 でもおかげであらためて気づいた。 最近体調いい!ほんと家族のおかげ。 自分からもなにかせねば。 人生あかるく前のめり。


cocoleanって歯磨き。 日本では売ってるのかな? とりあえず 妹に提案してみた。


次ためしてみたい! econutssoap.com


面白い!! www.gentosha.jp www.gentosha.jp


話すって難しい。 自分の考えや感情を的確に表現する言葉が見つからない。 話す・伝えるには 「論理の組み立て(思考)→言語化」 という作業が必要と言われるけど、 わたしの場合 根本的なところ、思考力の欠如(低下と信じたい)がそもそもの問題で。 情報過多…




It's so so true! www.youtube.com


There is something I've been wanted to forget but I never be able to forget. It is a big blemish in my mind. Sometimes it is so bothering me that I can't do anything literally. But yesterday I realized "one" but important thing from my sis…


雪国での冬を乗り切るために、 体が温まる方法を日々試してみてます。 飲み物: はちみつ紅茶 食べ物: チーズ・バター が今 気に入っています。 寒くなる前、体温が下がる前に ちょこっと食べるというタイミングも大切かなと思っています。 最高気温が氷点…


新しいことを習慣にするのは、今までの習慣を変えることだもんね。 早くも一日とんでしまった。 なぜかドラマだけは見進められるフシギ。 今見ているのは『PAN AM/パンナム』。 シーズン1で打ち切りになったらしいけど、今のところ面白いよ? 「小さなこと…


これまで日記が続いたことないのだけど、構えすぎなのかな? 目的はあくまで 心を落ち着けて、一日を振り返る時間を作りたい ということ。 ググってみたら、当日という人が多いみたい。 そらそうか。 習慣化するためには、「ほんの小さな決まり」にすること…

Planning my 2018 goals

2018年はひとつ、達成の年にする そのためには「整理整頓、計画と実行」を日々意識 〇やりたいことは、本読む、映画見る、妹にあいにいく 昨年の元日に始めたこのブログ、今読み返してみて やはり考えてたことを記録しておくのっていいなと思った のでま…


先週から鳴き始めた うぐいす。 今朝ついに、「ホ~・・・・・・ホケッキョ!」 鳴けたやん~!! 今うまかったで!!! 春がきたよ~!!春を感じたよ~!!! ウキっとしました。 うちのネコくんも、鳴き声に反応してキョロキョロしてます。 うぐいすたち…